Christmas is coming soon..! Will you be Santa for your family, friend or your beloved one? 

Sometimes, choosing a special gift is not easy. How about making your own gift? It'll be fun to give something that you make with your own hand.

Say hello to Marvel.. She is ready for Christmas. Isn't it look marvelous and cute? Besides, she is full of love kitty cat stuffed animal. :) I made this special gift for a beautiful girl named Marvellica. Marvel name is after her. So, I hope she will find it special too and make her days more cheerful and happy. I can't wait to send it to her.

Interested to make one? I am so happy to share with you this tutorial and printable pattern.


Fabric 50 x 75 (use any fabric, mine is Tokai Senko Japanese Cotton)

Plain fabric for accent

Polyester Fiber

Fusible Interfacing


 How to make :

1. Pin pattern to fabric, cut around pattern pieces. You can add half centimeter seam allowance or skip it.

2. Remove pattern pieces. Sew all the darts.

3. Iron fusible interfacing to nose and ear pieces. 


4. Prepare the ears, nose, hands and feet pieces. Secure it with pin right side meet right side. Sew one by one then turn the right side out.


5.  Hand sew the ear accent to the ear pieces using blind stitch method. Fold it base.

6. Place ears to the face piece like the picture below. Secure it with pin or you can baste it to make sure. 


7. Place the head piece on top of it. Secure it with pin then sew it together. Do the same with body pieces to attach feet.

8. Turn the fabric inside out. Do the same with the body pieces.

9. Now, time for stuffing. For body and head, make it as hard as you can to make it still in shape. For the hands, tail and feet part, i like them softer.

10. Blind stitches to gather the head and body part.

11. Baste the nose part to it will be easier to sew. Draw the nose and mouth then embroider it. You can use sewing machine, embroidery machine or just hand sew it like mine.

12. Place it to the face. Secure it and hand sew it with blind stitch. Add a little polyester fiber to make it a little chubby.

13. Draw the eyes. Back stitches the outline. Then use satin stitches to fill the eyes.

14. Backstitches the mustache too. 

15.Finally, attach the tail using blind stitches.


Yeayyy.. Easy peasy! Your cute cat stuffed animal is ready. 

PS. I found a never used sash in my wardrobe. The color is perfect for her Christmas look. So, I cut it to her size and now she wear a beautiful red Christmas scarf.


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